Full. bout me. name ayumie (zhie)
from: indo,.,at JAKARTA

religion: islam.

follow me at : @ayumiiiie

Before you walk into my life.

You need to know somethings about me. You need to know, I’m a very insecure person. I have very low self-esteem and I’m stubborn as hell. I’m not perfect that’s for sure. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, and I’ve learn to live with them. I’ve learn to accept people for who they really are, its not hard. Sometimes, I can’t be bothered anymore. Sometimes I don’t even want to be alive, but, the thing is. I have a million reasons to be alive. I miss the people i shouldn’t even be thinking about anymore. I’ve liked, I’ve loved, I’ve been hurt. I have hurt people, I’m not proud of it but like I said I’m not perfect and hey, this is me, so before you walk into my life, you need to know the real me.


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